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At Republic Business Credit we pride ourselves in our can-do flexible attitude and our focus on responsiveness. We will ensure that we are faster than anyone else, including times where we are not the solution, we will give you the response that means you can continue to work timely with your client. In fact we are willing to make a pledge to you.


  • We will be responsive. Regardless of whether our answer is negative or positive you will here from us.
  • You will have access to a local Regional Sales Manager to support your relationship and access to the CEO and COO. We are an open business with no armchairs, layers or unneeded complexities to get in the way of getting a good deal done.
  • As we work with your client we will keep you in the loop with the various negotiations and ensure you are fully updated.
  • We will use our best efforts to provide reciprocal introductions, when our clients or partners may need your expert assistance.

What Do We Offer

Referral sources are an essential part of our business, we want you to be assured that we will work with your client with the same care and professionalism as yourself.

  • Keep the Client, Solve the Problem – At Republic Business Credit we receive calls daily from Bankers regarding existing clients no longer a fit for their bank, or prospective clients not suited for a line of credit. At Republic we can support these commercial and industrial businesses through their funding gaps, allowing you to meet their other banking and financial needs. The businesses that Republic work with typically improve their financial condition within 12 to 24 months at which point they are often well positioned for a line of credit. In this vein, our Receivables Purchase Line of Credit has been designed to help this bridge back to being bankable.
  • Referral Fees – where such an arrangement is appropriate we offer highly competitive referral fees. To start working with us just complete the contact form on this page, call us on 866.722.4987 or email
  • Fees not appropriate – we do understand for some professional circumstances referral fees are not appropriate. We do offer two alternative programs;
  • Where you have staff who have made a referral to us, we are a happy to re-imburse to you any incentive you provide them for making the referral, subject to our prior approval of the program.
  • See also our Donation in Kind program (link to B10) 

Key Service Details

  • Facilities from start up (with growth potential) to $5,000,000 in funds advanced.
  • Receivables finance facilities based anywhere in the United States.
  • Growing businesses, family owned businesses, turnaround businesses, DIP funding, acquisitions, restructuring – we have the experience and desire to work with businesses in all stages of their life cycle.
  • Receivables relate to those sold on standard credit terms to other businesses without warranty or performance terms. Subject to this we deal with most industries (except third party medical billing and construction).
  • Your clients get a professional funding, receivables management and credit support service with comprehensive online reporting.


We look forward to talking to you and working with you and your clients. To start please call us on 866.722.4987, complete the contact form below or email us at or contact any member of our management team.

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