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Like yourself we aim to add value to our clients and focus our services on the many years of experience we have in commercial finance. Be assured our services are about understanding your needs and delivering what we promise, when we promise, with professionalism.

Core Services

Other Services

  • Receivables Purchase Line of Credit

    Our receivables purchase line of credit product is unique in blending the clarity and price competitiveness of borrowing base reporting with the flexibility of a line of credit. It works…

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  • Flexible Invoice Factoring

    Factoring is a well established form of commercial finance for businesses. It uses your receivables to support your growth, not hinder it, by bridging the funding gap between raising an…

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  • Republic1 – Asset Based Lending

    For businesses with working capital needs beyond their A/R Republic1 advances against eligible inventory and/or eligible machinery and equipment. The Republic1 facility maximizes availability and advance rates on accounts receivable,…

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  • Receivables Management

    At Republic Business Credit we will collect your receivables faster, act as your outsourced credit manager, make collection calls as necessary and post your collections making daily reporting available on…

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  • Credit Support

    We save you money by performing your credit review function. Republic Business Credit will analyze and reference check your client credit applications, review 3rd party credit reports, engage other lenders…

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