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Starting a Business

If you are looking to kick-start a new business, the traditional funding routes are usually dead ends, entrepreneurs have few friends in the Banks, wanting your personal collateral. Business Angels do not seem as angelic when like other venture capitalists they demand equity, control and bureaucratic reporting.

Why put up your house or personal assets as collateral when Republic Business Credit will look only at your receivables and working capital assets.

At Republic Business Credit we want you to focus on running and building your business. We can give you cash against your accounts receivable in 24 hours, we can help ensure that you are dealing with credit worthy customers and support your business in getting prompt payment professionally from your customers.

If you’ve got an exciting business plan and want to understand how our flexible funding could play its part in getting you off to a strong start, give our team a call – they’d be happy to talk through your plans with you: 866.722.4987

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