Growing Business

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Republic Business Credit helps your company take advantage of new business opportunities by providing flexible funding options. We understand business cycles and can provide supplementary purchase order term loans to assist growth.

A traditional bank facility can be tied to a hard limit, sometimes meaning you may have to pass on lucrative and profitable growth opportunities. Equity capital can often be too expensive or unavailable to supplement traditional working capital. Receivables financing can be that bridge to provide the working capital to support opportunities, fund suppliers and capital expenditures.

Republic Business Credit increases your facility in correlation with your company’s growth. Receivable advances are made available within 24 hours of invoicing. Total facilities can increase up to $10 million, and can include additional borrowing provided on eligible inventory, as well as equipment term loan facilities to further support growth.


Starting a Business

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If you are looking to start a new business, it can be a challenge to secure funding beyond the traditional friends and family sources. Rarely does a bank or equity source provide enough capital or the right terms for early stage business growth.

Taking equity finance too early can be a mistake made by many entrepreneurs. Financing your receivables with factoring will provide the funding you are seeking while allowing you to maintain ownership control of your company.

Republic Business Credit allows you to focus on running and building your business. We provide funding on your accounts receivable within 24 hours. We serve as your credit department and will confirm your are selling to creditworthy customers while supporting the accounts receivable collection efforts of your business.


Buying a Business

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Recently the small to medium-sized business sector has seen a flurry of acquisition and merger activity. Leveraged buy-outs, management led buy-outs, MBI’s, BIMBO’s, IBO’s, acquisitions and mergers are happening every day. Republic Business Credit prides itself in helping entrepreneurs achieve their dream to buy a business.

The Republic Business Credit team members have years of experience in helping businesses to buy other businesses using accounts receivable finance to raise significant amounts of funding. As well as high advance rates against the receivables to raise up to $10 million in funding, we will use our strategic partner network to unlock funding from your inventory, equipment, real estate etc.



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Republic understand that not every business is operating according to its plan or budget. There are times when businesses need sufficient funding to implement a turnaround plan. Republic Business Credit will be your resource and a funding partner that knows how to support and work with you.

During these times, traditional sources of financing will reduce their support, or meet your timelines for decisions. It is when working capital is needed the most that businesses turn to Republic Business Credit as a bridge solution. We take a future looking, broad and commercial view to where your business is headed.

Our receivables based financing facility will be able to support your business needs up to $10 million, and if needed, a wide range of partners to look at a holistic funding structure.

Republic Business Credit has substantial experience of working with restructuring businesses in both pre-petition and post-petition Debtor-in-Possession facilities along with various other bankruptcy related funding strategies.