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How It Works

How it Works – Receivables Finance & Factoring

Receivables finance helps businesses bridge their funding gap by providing immediate cash-flow against their accounts receivables. If your business sells to other businesses on credit terms of Net 60 or less we can work with you.

For Businesses that are growing, looking for ways to take advantage of the business opportunities they have, funding the gap between the costs you pay and receiving payment from your customers can be time consuming and difficult. Receivables finance solves this funding gap and allows you to concentrate on growing your business rather than how to finance it.

Receivables Finance and Factoring are a form of working capital finance for businesses that has a global reach and a long history. Here are some key statistics [1] on factoring;

  • Over $2,100 billion of receivables were factored in 72 countries globally during 2010 (a 28% increase over 2009).
  • This accounted for more than 4% of global GDP.
  • Approximately $145 billion of receivables were factored in the United States.

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[1] Statistics are from Factors Chain International ( an association for export factors. Similar values also are provided from the other export association International Factors Group (

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