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Republic1 – Asset Based Lending

For businesses with working capital needs beyond their A/R Republic1 advances against eligible inventory and/or eligible machinery and equipment.

The Republic1 facility maximizes availability and advance rates on accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment. This releases the value of a business’s collateral to support growth, restructuring and ensure the business is placed to take advantage of its opportunities.

  • Combined facility ensures maximum availability based on asset valuation.
  • One single borrowing base including A//R, inventory and/or machinery and equipment along with live web-based reporting.
  • One Account Executive as point of contact for day to day activity.
  • Covenant free facility with no covenants and/or financial restrictions.


  • Accounts Receivable – up to 90% of eligible A/R.
  • Inventory – up to 75% of eligible Inventory.
  • Machinery & Equipment – up to 75% of eligible Machinery & Equipment.

Facilities – from $500,000 to $5 million on each type of asset  (Facilities start at $100,000 for A/R only).

Advantages of a Republic1 Facility

  • Credit management and credit department at no cost.
  • Lockbox expense borne by Republic Business Credit.
  • No time consuming pro-forma financial statements, budgets and other requirements imposed upon client.
  • No personal assets pledged.

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