A Direct to Consumer Loan “DTC or E-Commerce” is for growing business that need more freedom than a traditional Asset Based Loan “ABL” structure by leveraging their retail, merchant and e-commerce cashflow. Our Direct to Consumer product will always be structured as an inventory loan with an optional accounts receivable or merchant account advance.

A DTC facility maximizes borrowing availability across accounts receivable, inventory and your merchant cashflow. Our Direct to Consumer facility will take into account the value of your inventory, along with your monthly credit card sales. Those credit card sales could be through an ecommerce or retail sales transaction. Our DTC facility provides companies additional cashflow by understanding the velocity of their credit card payments.

An Direct to Consumer facility will result in increased due diligence, on-site field exams and possibly appraisals for the larger facilities. Republic often remains free of financial covenants on its DTC facilities by focusing on the cashflow and collateral. Not all businesses have the need to borrow on its inventory, so Republic can structure something on only the receivables and merchant accounts.

Direct to Consumer facilities are designed for established and growing businesses with an annual sales volume of $10 million to $75 million.