Ledgered Line of Credit blends the clarity of purpose with the flexibility you require to grow your business. We combine the necessary clarity and quick responses to replace a traditional loan. Similar to a line of credit, it provides advances against your outstanding accounts receivable. Typically, our ledgered line of credit will provide greater borrowing ability than a traditional loan, as it scales with your business.

In addition to funding your receivables, we also provide availability against your inventory, equipment and confirmed purchase orders. Additionally, we can provide seasonal overadvances and unbilled facilities to support payroll and supplier needs.

You choose the amount you draw based on your needs to manage suppliers, employees or invest in new business opportunities. Pricing is transparent and straight-forward. Republic Business Credit provides several different options such as a service fee, collateral management fee or a funding fee on the drawn amount. We generally charge only on the advanced and we don’t have any lockbox or hidden fees. Our Ledgered Line of Credit facilities are designed for established and growing businesses with an annual volume of $5 million to $100 million.