Some of the largest categories of natural foods and beverages harness the power of ancient grains, cocoa, cacao, flours, oils, rice, nuts, seeds, plants and proteins found throughout the whole foods world. Whether it is tea, coffee, kombucha or protein-based drinks, we pride ourselves in supporting growing brands with non-dilutive capital with a founder first and friendly approach. Often customers rely on natural foods for organic, vegan, keto, paleo and other diets.


The specialty food product company sells into Whole Foods, Sprouts, and several boutique stores across California. The private equity sponsor originally acquired the company through a leveraged buyout of a distressed company.

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The company was growing faster than its profits, cashflow negative, and had about 6 months of runway left. The company sought a creative asset-based loan that would significantly extend their runway and that would bridge the cashflow gap, maintain their growth pace and increase the company’s value prior to their next round of equity financing.

The company used Republic’s debt as non-dilutive cash to increase its valuation ahead of its next equity raise. Republic provided $4.5m Asset Based Loan facility.

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Republic provided a $2,750,000 Line of Credit for a natural food ingredient. The food manufacturing company provides several unique ingredients to natural food brands across the country. The company sells to distributors, co-packers, and manufacturers of healthy food products across the country.

The rapidly growing company outpaced its sales targets in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and wanted a partner to help double its revenue next year. As the founder told Republic shortly after closing, “This debt facility will not only increase our ability to grow as a company, but it will allow us to retain greater ownership of the company as we didn’t need to raise additional equity.”

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