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Why Choose Us

The Republic Way

You can expect of Republic Business Credit:

We understand the speed at which your business operates, our key commitment is to match that with fast responses and speedy delivery. Many say that, but we mean it, from the next day funding to responding to needs that you have, our experienced team is able to make it happen.

Supporting Growth
Factoring is an excellent tool for growing businesses, meeting funding gaps and assisting take up of opportunities. We understand the needs of a growing business, and the out of the box thinking sometimes needed to close on opportunities or give you the edge in a competitive world. We are wired the same way as yourselves and get a buzz of working with you to grow your business.

Unlike your bank Republic Business Credit will not have restrictive covenants that restrict your flexibility, we will not to make distributions nor dividends and we will not leave our decision making to a computer. We will not tell you to meet certain profitability targets, or net worth covenants.

It is your business, run it your way and simply let us fund your business and help you grow.

We are a solutions orientated team, who do not have a credit committee in a far off place, or a lending policy linked to a three digit number. We understand the principles of sound risk decision making in our industry and know how to we can work with you to get it done. 

Access to Decision Makers
Have you ever been bounced around from time zone to time zone in search of someone willing to make a decision, or just had to listen to the static of indecision waiting for the next committee to meet and maybe make a decision. Not at Republic Business Credit, all our staff understand our commitment to responsiveness and can make decisions. You will also have the direct line and cell phone numbers of Republic Business Credit’s CEO and COO. You will have access to empowered staff and people who make real world decisions.

We will not tell you to wait for our committee, we are the committee, we make decisions, like you, every day and we will communicate with you promptly.

Whether it is our funding services, receivables management, credit support or other services you will receive a professional services and you will find Republic Business Credit a team easy to do business with.

To see how the Republic Business Credit team can make a difference to your business give our team a call on: 866.722.4987

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