Chicago, IL – Republic Business Credit leapt into the technology forward experiential marketing
realm by partnering with an award-winning millennial founder that has achieved tremendous success
partnering with Fortune 500 companies. The company combines creativity and excellence into a
unique experiential based design. Republic was referred in by a regional investment bank that sought
a technology savvy factoring partner for its client.

The creative marketing company was founded a few years ago with the mission of combining
their design talents with a new vision for their clients’ customer. The company transforms a traditional
marketing campaign into an unforgettable experience.

Republic provided a $3.0 million selective invoice factoring facility that supported their growing
working capital requirements. The company only factored their larger and slower paying customers
that are traditionally viewed as their best customers, but caused the business cash-flow challenges due
to the slower invoice payment terms. Republic was willing to extend eligibility to 120 days on several
customers to create availability and further help ramp their sales goals in 2019.

“Millennial owned entrepreneurs are demonstrating success outside of the typical Silicon Valley
darlings you read about in the Wall Street Journal,” says Robert Meyers, President of Republic. “As a
millennial owner that partnered up with a Gen X’er in Stewart Chesters, we are proud to support
businesses on the cutting edge of their respective industries regardless of the generational stigma
thrust upon them.”

Republic Business Credit supports banks, investment banks, private equity, accountants,
lawyers and consultants across the United States to create value, strengthen relationships and provide
complementary services to entrepreneurial businesses. Republic is proud to support entrepreneurs
across all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to realize their dreams.