When a consultant sought to free its Midwestern based client from an expensive financing solution, they tasked Republic Business Credit to provide the necessary payroll funding. Republic structured a larger, more affordable facility while simultaneously partnering with a full back office solutions provider to support the clients future growth plans.

The client’s high growth rate required a quickly scalable facility to maximize their borrowing ability in order to fulfill weekly payroll obligations and continued personnel investments. Republic’s facility eliminated any short term cash-flow fears while allowing the owners to focus their growth. Republic has deep ties into the staffing industry and can provide more than just funding oriented solutions when necessary.

Republic provided the minority owned entrepreneurial company with a $1,000,000 receivables purchase line of credit so they could comfortable secure additional customer contracts in 2019.

“Rapidly growing companies require a comprehensive solution to fuel their immediate growth needs,” said Robert Meyers, Chief Commercial Officer of Republic. “Republic is proud to provide a client focused solution that partnered with an industry leading back-office provider that will provide them with the tools for unlimited growth.”

Republic Business Credit partners with entrepreneurs across the United States, to create value, and enable them to focus on growing successful businesses.