“Wells Fargo Capital Finance helped us launch our new startup company, Republic Business Credit, LLC and has supported us and our growth since the very beginning.

When Stewart Chesters and I started Republic in 2010, we needed a lender that understood the business, was committed to the business, and understood the challenges of a startup. We also wanted a lender that was creative and flexible enough to respond to the rapid changes in our financing space.

Wells Fargo Capital Finance has not only supplied Republic with the capital to grow our business and complete four portfolio acquisitions, they have been a true partner. Along the way, Wells Fargo Capital Finance has introduced us to other capital providers, acquisition opportunities, joint venture partners, and also other Wells Fargo clients who faced challenges similar to ours.

Certainly one of our most valuable assets is our relationship with the Lender Finance team at Wells Fargo Capital Finance.”

– Allen E. Frederic, Jr., CEO, Republic Business Credit, LLC

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